First mission developed in Sarge studio. This projec defined basic elements of our future projects. Cinematic experience, storytelling, and memorable charactes. This mission was unique in several ways in times, when was released. The mission it selfs tells a story about shot down pilot deep in the enemy teritory and his way back to allies.


Note: This mission was last tested at 09/2017 in ArmA: CWA, 1.99. Some fixis was made, because original mission was unfinishable. But still,  during the cutscenes and intro some graphics glitchis may appierd. Probably happend because of „to fast“ computers or newest graphics card. Also some bugs with size of bunocular on widescreen monitors will appeard. All of this is interupting an atmosphere a little bit but because of limited time resources, we don’t plan to fix those bugs. For best experience, we recomended to play this mission in Operation Flashpoint 1.96

Date: Sep 12, 2004
Version: ArmA: CWA